Conservative Investor


Want to participate in stock markets but no time to manage your investment portfolio? Just complete the below questionnaire to understand your risk appetite and Get to know which funds are right for you as per your risk appetite.  We have made three model risk appetites and we are suggesting mutual funds as per that.  I would highly recommend getting on a call with our advisors to choose the right fund as per your risk appetite and your goals, this is just for reference and not an advise.
Sr.No Fund Name Allocation Fund Category 1 Year Returns 3 Year Return 5 Year Return
1 Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund 25% Conservative 10.45 13 9.28
2 Axis Liquid Fund 25% Liquid 3.35 4.56 5.57
3 HDFC Floating Rate Debt Fund 25% Fund Floating Rate 3.35 4.56 5.57
4 HDFC Floating Rate Debt Fund 25% Corporate Bond 3.35 4.56 5.57